Jun 29, 2020


Workouts for beginners..Easy Exercise

Easy exercise is essential for good health and weight loss. You can do them at home or outdoors and make your body feel healthy and fit.

Easy exercise can make you loose calories, sleep better, help tighten muscles, decrease stress and help you establish a healthy routine.

Easy workouts for indoors:

Put on your favorite dance music and dance a few minutes with your family or pets.Even if you do not know the latest moves.

Look at some on these online workouts( they are also on your tablet and your phone) and see which one suits your lifestyle.

Chair work out. Grab one of your sturdy chairs( please do not hurt yourself). Sit on the chair and get up a few times. You will feel muscles work that have not been worked for a while.

Hoola Hoop slims your waistline and gives the body a great simple workout.

Easy workouts for outdoors:

If you own a pool or have a community pool. Try running in place in the pool. You can also do squats in the pool to strengthen your muscles.

Bike with your family. Pick a safe path that you and them can ride for 20 minutes safely.

And ofcourse walking. Walk slowly for 5 minutes then pick up your speed for 20 minutes, then cool down. 

Just remember that these exercises are simple and have no time constraints. You can do them at your leisure and enjoy also with family members. One last thing to mention... They are Free and Easy. Enjoy! Hopefully this helped the newbies.

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