Jun 27, 2020



Handbags are one of the luxury industry most powerful product. Women walk into any store whether flagship or not and pick out their handbag or handbags which match her personality. Price tags can range from twenty dollars to thousands. They do not even need the store associates help because they know exactly what they are looking for.......a designer handbag or handbags.

The happiness and the joy that comes from the purchase is what the designer wants to happen to all their customers and trust me it does.Most of the time the showcase window does the attraction. They see it and the magic trance begins. They enter the store and depending on the season (winter, summer etc.) they are overpowered by the look and feel of the handbag. Their handbag now becomes a girl's best friend.

Along with showing off personal taste, a handbag suggests economic prosperity and acts as the childhood security blanket.

The handbag became a part of emancipation of women brought about after the First World War. Women who wore a handbag became a sign of public stature and independence. They carried their keys, cigarettes, money and their makeup hidden in their handbag instead of their pockets beneath their skits or dresses.

As times evolved and changed the designers became more involved in the psychology of women and handbags. They began to design handbags for all economic classes with varying prices and designs for every woman's taste and personality. From Chanel and Coach high-end handbags to Michael Kors who makes handbags affordable for all economic classes. They are all out there for women to love and purchase. Successful brands appeal to the psychology and sell identity to women.

Women buy luxury handbags because they feel they are elevating themselves by owning something very special and exclusive. They look at the ads and want to be like that model in the ad. All in all handbags are found in Sotheby's auctions, online stores, department stores, and consignment shops. They are everywhere for our satisfaction and bliss. 



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