Jun 19, 2020


Technology and Social Media..Are they taking over our lives?

We are now addicts to technology and social media. Are they taking over our lives?

 Family Life and Cell Phone

We gather together as a family for dinner. Every family member including the children have a piece of technology in their hands. Cell phones go off every second. Some calls are solicitation, but others are just the mere fact that we are so addicted to the phone. No one is talking to any family members at the dinner. Some are off in a corner on their tablets or phones catching up with their so called friends on social media. Some of these people they never even met or will never meet.

We are addicted....

According to the Pew Research Center, a staggering 81% of Americans own a smartphone. And we check these smartphones an even more staggering 80 times a day, which is roughly every 12 minutes.The same survey found that 31% of those questioned felt anxiety when separated from their phone and 60% felt stressed if their phone was off or out of reach.

We now have what's called Nomophobia, a fear of being without our phones.

Our Relationships with Family and Friends

We are now starting to care more about our online world than our real world. We do not take the time to interact with our family and friends as we are too busy trying to escape from them and our real surroundings by losing our true reality to see what is going on in fake reality-social media.

Psychotherapist Amy Morin writes:

“You can’t form a meaningful relationship with someone unless you talk about real issues and share real problems. But that’s not what happens on social media".

Our addiction is causing us to experience loneliness and making our companions lonely by ignoring them as we stare into our devices for hours at time. This is impacting our relations with everyone, our friends, family, our children and even our pets.

Some families have been destroyed because of excessive use of devices with partners discovering that others had been cheating on dating websites and trying to find love outside their love nests with others on social media. Some couples are now finding out that even in their private bedroom life the phone interrupts their togetherness. Their wedding bliss is now a marriage nightmare of loneliness and depression! They are not able to have a conversation as live-streaming, gaming and social media have interrupted their lives.


Our Children...The most impacted

Our children would suffer most from our addictive habits. They watch and imitate everything we do including our behavior. When a parent is engaged on their device or devices. They tend to be tuned-out, more aggravated and stressed out when the child reaches out to them for attention. Our children notice our pre-occupation with our phones as we take scrolls through TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Gaming sites, and Dating Sites. We are failing to teach them language skills , coping skills, and how to behave as a loving and caring human being.

It is scary...

How can we recover? Here a a few simple tips. 

Acknowledge your addiction!!

  • Wean yourself off your addiction gradually.
  • Put your devices away for a while or minimize your exposure to them.
  • Replace your addiction by other activities such as exercise, reading a new book, going for walks.
  • Engage more with your family and friends in person.
  • Your life is just as exciting as the ones you see online!

We know that technology is a new way of life. We know that without it we would not be able to have the jobs that we have now. We still do not understand it totally as it is growing at such a fast rate that we are not able to keep up. Hopefully, over time we will be able to understand it and better be able to adjust so that it does not take over our lives and our feelings. We need to eventually break our dependence on it and become better parents, lovers, and friends.


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