Jul 10, 2020


Caring for your Computer during Quarantine

Thanks to COVID-19 some of us are working from home on the companies PC or Laptop or your own, if you run your own business. The computer that you use daily is a valuable electronic equipment. Caring for your computer is very important. You need it to function properly at your command.

Caring for your PC and Laptop:

Its very important to keep your computer clean and prevent dust from decreasing the air flow. You can purchase air dusters and cleaning cloths. Dampen the cloth and gently clean the monitor. I would stay away form very harsh chemicals as you could damage the monitor and the keyboard. Keep water and food away from the computer at all times as you do not want water to damage the internal components  and food to clog up the keyboard and the mouse.
Use a fan or a can of compressed air to clean the ports, but remember to shut down the computer before you do this. You can use q-tips with a little alcohol on the tips to clean the ports. wait a few minutes for the computer to dry and then turn it back on.

Keep your computer in a cool dry place and try not to overwork the computer. Disable programs you no longer use. Use a Ant-virus and Firewall as you want to protect your valuable and sensitive information.

Be good to your battery on you Laptop. If you are not using it and it is fully charged, unplug it until you get a signal to recharge. 

In conclusion, your computer and laptop are now your best friends especially now that we are quarantined. Treat them well and they will last you a while.



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