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Jul 11, 2020


Mexican Stone Soup/Caldo De Piedra

Mexican Stone Soup story has been around since the 1700's. The soup began with the Chinantec villagers from the Oaxacan Hamlet of San Felipe Usila would load up food and other items to sell in the market town of Tuxtepec. On their long journey, they would stop and make soup at the Papaloapan River. A soup made with white river stone. They used the water from the river along with fresh caught shrimp and fish. They added vegetables and made the soup bowls from dried calabash trees.

They would use orangewood to start the bonfire to heat the special kind of white river stones. They used the stones because they were very good at conducting heat. When the rocks were very hot, they put them in the gourds with the seafood and all the other seasonings. The rocks would cook all the food in the gourds within the food perfectly. 

That is how the soup got its name: Caldo de Piedra. No one knows the true origins of the soup. It is said that the Chinantec men made it as a tribute to the women and children of the village. Today the Dam that was built near their village decimated their supply. That did not stop their tradition,they still make the soup on holidays and Sundays to keep their families together.Tourists still travel up the mountains to get a taste of the traditional Caldo de Piedra. Holy week families and friends get together to prepare the soup.  

Several books are written about Mexican Stone Soup/Calda De Pierda. Jon Muth's book is below on Audible a Company by Amazon. Some restaurants carry on the tradition of the famous soup even today, making it just as delicious as their ancestors. Please watch the video below to see how its made.

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Credit to alamy stock photo and John J Muth Stone Soup Audible Book.